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Monday, February 13, 2017

Precious and Free

Just because something is free doesn’t mean it has more value than an item that cost hundreds of dollars (or more).

Is that heavy diamond ring you received from that *#!% ex-husband more precious than the beach glass and copper wire ring your now departed daughter made you for Mothers’ Day, years ago?

Is a mass-signed hardcover copy of the current NY Times best-seller more dear than your great-grandfather’s journal of his trek across the Plains with a handcart in 1863? (I have really have this!)

I believe value is rated by the heart and not the calculator.

One of a person’s greatest blessings is to know this and to realize that the dearest in life isn’t always tangible.

Savor and recall those tender or giddy moments: the view of sunsets and rainbows of grandeur with that special someone, the excitement of helping that little tyke ride her bicycle by herself for the first time, the birth of that puppy that is now gray-nosed but still full of love for you.

These are most precious and dear and can never be purchased, at any price.

And be generous to yourself and others. Keep a journal and record these events that mean so much to you. Plus, you can relive them when you’re feeling blue and give yourself an attitude adjustment!

And who knows? Maybe your great-great-granddaughter will find your journal and enjoy those moments with you, long after you’re gone.
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