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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Little Drummer Boy

Quick! Think of a Christmas song!

Now, not so quick, find your favorite song that is really about Christmas. If you’re like me, the two aren’t the same. It’s also quite possible that the first one you thought of was not even a Christmas song, but rather a seasonal tune about winter.

The first song I thought of was Jingle Bells. Hmm. Not really Christmas-y, is it? Nowadays, travel over white and drifting snow usually means sitting in a four-wheel drive vehicle as it roars down the highway, not snuggled in a blanket as sleigh bells jingle while a horse with an innate sense of direction brings you home in a fancy sled.

My favorite Christmas carol/tune is Little Drummer Boy. I guess it was popular with other folks, too, but Debbie Haston was the first to choose it in the Authors' Billboard contest. Its soothing tune blends well with its simple message. Thanks, Debbie!

In the song, the little drummer boy was poor, but talented. He had no money but could share his gift. He didn’t do it for attention. His parents didn’t force him to do it. He did it out of love for the new-born king.

I identified with the drummer boy in the song. We were poor when I was a kid, but I didn’t know it. I had siblings to play with, food to eat (even though it was often beans), and a dog. What else could anyone want besides the occasional soda or ice cream treat? We got gifts for Christmas, mostly pajamas and underwear, but Mom made sure we got at least one toy. We had special food (turkey and real butter!), decorated a tree, and sang songs.
What I remember most, though, is being together. And healthy. Everything else was just stuff that was soon forgotten, broken, or thrown away.
The card Mom made for her mother when I was three years old is still one of my most prized possessions. Inside was a picture of Mom's three treasures: her first three children. A store bought card would have been lost or tossed long ago.

Find out how a 1780s family celebrate Christmas and why love and giving of one’s self is more important than fancy wrapping paper and high dollar gifts in Little Drummer Boy, part of the Love, Christmas – Holiday Stories That Will Put a Song in Your Heart.

Enjoy the true meaning of Christmas and love,
Dani Haviland
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  1. Can't wait to read this great set!

  2. So excited about Love Christmas. Put a song in your heart!

  3. Thanks, Dani, for spreading the word.