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Saturday, August 8, 2015

What an unnecessary mess!

Have you ever noticed what a mess people make when trying to keep clean?

Or at least female people do.

You see, from what I’ve seen, very few women grab a paper towel before washing their hands in a public restroom (I don’t know about men: I’ve only been in a guy's potty once and that was on accident). Actually, the only other ladies I’ve noticed not flipping and dripping water from sinks to the towel dispenser post-scrubbing are my own daughters. They all follow my example: grab a couple of paper towels first, shove them under the armpit or elbow, proceed to the sink, soap and water, start washing, then dry with the paper products that are close at hand...or armpit.

It’s not a hard protocol to follow, didn’t take a college degree for me to figure out, and makes the common access to the sanitary facilities so much cleaner and slip resistant.

So, try it, ladies and gentlemen: it will keep your clothes dryer, reduce your risk of falls, and make the bathroom attendants so much happier.

Oh, and just for grins, here's an excerpt from Ha'penny Jenny. In this scene our time traveling 21st century mother finds a new challenge in 1781: teaching her recently adopted 18th century daughter how to keep clean.

...(Jenny) licked off the slimy (fruit) mess, bent over, and wiped her sticky hands through the fine soil at her feet. She rubbed her palms together and let the little grunge worms of food residue mixed with dirt fall onto the ground. She briskly dusted off her hands, turned them over for closer inspection, and then wiped them on the back of her skirt. She had apparently adapted to her earlier soap-less environment and found a way to keep from becoming grimy and tacky. I’d have to remember to teach her to use soap and water after her little dry cleaning routines.

Read the whole novella - great for YA and everyone else - for only 99 cents:

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And remember, Mama always said, 'Keep clean, Don't make a mess, and If you can't say something nice, don't say it at all.'

Dani Haviland, mother and author