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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Goldilocks Syndrome

Okay, I’ve been MIA for nearly four months now. This Connecticut-born lass who grew up in the Arizona desert, then spent the last twenty-three years in Alaska has moved to Oregon. 
Yup, I'm in Eden. 
Arizona was too hot, and after all those years, Alaska just became too dark. A change was needed.
Actually, my dear husband spotted the signs of SAD in me. That’s Seasonal Affective Disorder for those who don’t know. That means the lack of daylight brings on depression and lethargy. If one gets lots of exercise, works or plays outside to make use of the limited amount of northern winter sunshine, it isn’t a problem. I don’t ski or ice fish, and haven’t shoveled snow or made a snowman in a few seasons. I remembered to take my vitamin D daily, but the real thing was needed.
I’m content in my new, old (built in 1900) home. Actually, I haven’t officially ‘moved’ from Alaska. I’ve seen too many people say, “I’m outta here; too much cold,” and then return in less than a year. The usual complaint is that people ‘Outside’ are mean or rude. Alaskans are friendly, but so are Oregonians.
And  here I have sunshine and more flowering plants than I can count.
I’ll keep you posted, but it may be that the folks in Oregon, at least in my area, are just as nice as Alaskans. And that’s saying that they’re some of the greatest folks around.
Oh, and I can see the stars at night here. There was never enough dark in the summer for that stellar blanket to show in the Anchorage area, and in the winter, my frosty breath kept me from getting a good look. I’ll miss the northern lights, but they weren’t showing off every night. 
Instead, I'll cultivate, cut, and share the flowers that bloom, even in winter here.
(That's me last week in front of a 10' tall red camellia bush. It's sister plant, a pink camellia, was blooming in January!)
Enjoy yourself, wherever you are. And remember, unless your feet are planted in the ground, you, too, can relocate.
And maybe you can find your own Eden, Goldilocks.

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