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Monday, March 2, 2015

The miracle of time

Do you remember when you were young and minutes seemed like hours, summer vacation would never get here, and you couldn't wait to grow up?

Yeah, I remember it, too.

Time really does fly when you get older. And now that I'm officially an 'old fart' (or would that be 'old fartress?'), I wish time hadn't gone so quickly. Zoom! That sweet little baby girl who surprised me with her arrival when I was in my early forties is going to be a mommy soon.


I've become that gray-haired old lady who is obsessed with golden oldie movies and music--stories and tunes that didn't rely on obscenities, blood and guts, or gore to get attention--who pays more attention to her dogs, and knows that if I'm aging quickly, they're doing it seven times as fast, and who (still) loves to garden.

Yes, and I am well aware that I won't be around forever.

Well, maybe...

I'm saving myself in my work. Or rather, my passions. I write stories, grow flowers, and preserve both for my children, and their children, and according to the current copyright laws, my heirs seventy years after I die. My genetic carriers may never know me personally, but if they're interested, they can read my books and look at the myriads of photos I took, using media to find out who I was.

At least, I hope they will.

Below is Rocky, still kicking at 11 years old. He doesn't care to have his picture taken, but when I asked where Marty (my husband) was, his ears perked up. It's just a quickie snapshot edited in Picasa, but it is sure to be a treasure when he's gone.

Preserve your family, pets, flowers, and views on life. Somewhere down the line, an heir, acquaintance, or even a stranger, may want to know what you did for entertainment, your favorite foods, and what life was like day-to-day. I know I have my great-grandfather's journal of his trip across the plains as a Mormon pioneer. Even the mundane was fascinating to me, his trials with the weather and sicknesses a true measure of how determined he and his peers were to find a new home.

Take a minute, snap some photos, and start a journal. Save them in the Cloud and in print. Who knows, in a hundred years, print may be obsolete and the Cloud archaic. No matter what, though, someone will find your items of interest.

Maybe they'll even write a fictional time travel story with you as the hero or heroine....

Dani Haviland
(Inspired by the fact that I didn't realize it had been so long since I had blogged. Aye, I am a Fairy is available now: Buy on Amazon here)

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