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Saturday, July 5, 2014

Formula for a time travel novel

Naked in the Winter Wind is a time travel story. A lusty, action-packed time travel tale.

Yeah, right. Whoop-de-doo. Those are all over the place. If my stories are to make a splash, they have to have something different.

So, how about a 'real' person falling into another story about time travel? That could work. I know I wouldn't mind falling into my favorite novel. But if I did, I wouldn't want to be in this chunky old lady body! Shoot, I'd want the one I had when I was in my late teens. Firm and frisky--yeah, that's what I'd want to be if I were running around the woods, interacting with hunky 18th century men.

Okay. One bottle of Fountain of Youth water, coming up.

But the guilt! How could I leave my family behind? There are friends and pets and creditors... Okay, forget the creditors. But my daughter would miss me, I'm sure.

Okay. One case of amnesia, coming up. Bring out the twist of pollen stem for the sweet, but clumsy, little old lady, administered by a master time traveler/guide-type person.

Oh, and don't forget smart women, strong men (some good, some troubled), villains, an innocent child or four, and critters. They are absolutely necessary for a good tale. They're included, too.

What else is needed? The tried and true formula says that a series is required. Readers always want more. Let's call it The Fairies Saga. Fairies can be what time travelers are called. Sounds more fantasy-like to me.

Finally, and to make mine even more different from the rest, I've thrown in a solar-powered smartphone. An inadvertent video can make a difference in convincing others that going back (and forth) 230 years is possible. But remember: keep the (painless) how-to time travel a closely guarded family secret!

Enjoy Naked in the Winter Wind, the first in The Fairies Saga series. Buy the e-book version here or order a hard copy from Amazon, personally autographed from, or from your favorite bookseller.

And tell your friends that you, too, believe in fairies and time travel.