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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

How an 18th century girl sees time travelers

Summer, 1781, near Gibsonville, North Carolina

Young Jenny knows her new mother and grandmother are from a different place--a place where people travel in carriages that fly through the air and where books have pictures that move and talk--but where, or when, they are from doesn't matter.

They love her and she loves them.

Enjoy the novella HA'PENNY JENNY for free on June 5th and 6th,  2014.

If you don't already know, you'll find out what a ha'penny is.

And why her nickname is so wrong...and mean.

Read more about the chatty and optimistic youngster, how she came to be with the family where time and people's ages seem upside down, in NAKED IN THE WINTER WIND, the first book in THE FAIRIES SAGA.


Why did they lie to me?

(a mother-daughter talk begins) 
“So smart people lie, too?”

“Jenny, too many people lie. There have been times I’ve not told people things that I thought they didn’t need to know, but I promise you, I have always tried to tell the truth.” Uncertainty suddenly kicked in. “You haven’t been lying, have you?”

“No. My brothers lied to me. I didn’t even know what lying was for a long time. Sometimes they’d tell me one thing, like the sun always came up in the east because that’s where the sun birds stayed in the mornings and it was their job to carry the sun across the sky. Other times, they said it was because the sun was a great big candle and it floated from one side of the mountains to the other and then big giants blew it out for the night. They never told me how it got back again, though, or what sun birds looked like, or where the giants slept.”

Jenny’s frown was back. “But when they lied to me, they made me feel like there was something wrong with me because I was a girl. They said I was born a boy, but that part got chopped off because I wasn’t smart enough. That’s why I had girl stuff, because my boy stuff got chopped off. Well, they called what you pee with stuff, but still, it’s okay not to have a penis, isn’t it?”
(read HA'PENNY JENNY to find out Evie's answer)