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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Time travel for less than $2000

That's right, folks. I time traveled for under $2000. See where this Alaskan author wound up? That's an 18th century tall ship, sitting in Port Jackson, in the area we now know as Darling Harbour.

Maybe I'd better clarify. The money was for my plane ticket from Phoenix to Sydney, Australia. I truly and honestly time traveled, but I went forward a day (I never experienced January 8, 2014). My intent was to go back 235 years, sort of. I flew to the land where the First Fleet arrived in 1788 in order to experience the terrain and climate those convicts, marines, and sailors encountered when they landed in the 'unknown to white man' region.

If you don't know about the First Fleet, I'm sure you will after reading my book, Fairies Down Under. It's still in process, but I will tell you that it's about a 21st century time traveler, wrongly convicted of a trivial crime, who winds up being transported from England to Australia rather than hang from the gallows.

And that ship in the picture above: that's the James Craig, the only full time tall ship sailing the world today. It's huge, takes quite the crew to sail it, and bounces over the waves like a carnival ride. Both make me sick, but I'd go back to Sydney in a heartbeat (and the 24 hour flight). I think I'll wait a year or so, though. I want to have my book completed for my next journey. Everyone Down Under knows about the First Fleet, but they don't know yet that a time traveler helped them survive that first year...

The Great Big Fairy is the story that precedes Fairies Down Under. If you haven't read it, here's a link. I really think you'll enjoy the story of another time traveler, the 21st century 6'7" red head who goes 'home' to Revolutionary War era North Carolina, to the time traveling family he left behind.

NOTE: I already know of at least one way to time travel. If you know of others, please share. I promise not to tell anyone else...