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Friday, October 19, 2012

Time travel: We'll figure it out eventually

So, just how does one travel through time?
In my opinion, time travel must involve, or be associated with, magnetism (think Bermuda Triangle and other places on earth). Mysterious 'stuff' happens in those areas which also happen to be hot spots for magnetic activity.
Are the disappearances (Philadelphia Experiment) random? I don't know and last I heard, those who disappear are shy, shun the limelight, and haven't been too chatty about their experiences. Or maybe they just have decided not to come forward for fear of ridicule. It is still a touchy subject and those who have spoken out have been threatened, labeled as insane, or simply disappeared.
So, how is the time destination directed? Is there some sort of Jules Verne Time Machine with a mechanical counter, or maybe a vintage DeLorean  with an LED display that races to 88 MPH, that the traveler uses to dial in a date and time for transport? In the Haviland Theory of Time Travel (still under investigation),  the human mind, of which we only use a fraction, should (must?) be an integral element, a 'super-processor' used to direct the traveler to a precise time destination. 
{Physical transportation is an entirely different topic and has nothing to do with my theory. There is no hole through the middle of the earth blasting the traveler from Arizona to Australia in a single flicker. He or she must use traditional methods of transportation to change his or her physical venue. Physical transportation ala Star Trek transporters is for someone else to investigate.}
Whether or not we figure out the method(s) to bend, twist, or fold time in our lifetime, I consider it a future science, like aviation was to Leonardo da Vinci. It simply needs to be discovered when the time is right. In the meantime, creative minds of the world will prepare the human race for its discovery by making it familiar, comfortable, and acceptable in our lives, by means of books and movies of fiction. The proof will come soon enough, I'm sure; maybe even in my lifetime.
Dani Haviland, author

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