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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Alaska: 21 years and counting

September 19 was the 21st anniversary of my arrival in Alaska from Mesa, Arizona via the Alcan highway. The long drive was even longer since I was alone, didn't have a cassette player (before CDs or iPods) and there were few radio stations in the Canadian wilderness. I entertained myself with my own singing. I did get rather tired of Happy Birthday and Christmas carols in short order though.
I'll make the drive again, but not solo, and with tunes or audiobooks this time. I'll also make sure I take extra fuel. Gas stations were about as rare as radio stations. Hmm, that may have changed over the years, but I'll still take a gas can, just to be sure.

Lots of rain in southcentral Alaska this week. I was in danger of being washed out so dug out a drainage ditch, with the help of a few brawly males. Still, determination and a 3" pump won the day and we weren't flooded out. Thanks for the dam help, Skup and Robbie.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Bit by bit, slowly it came...

NAKED IN THE WINTER WIND, the first novel in the FAIRIES SAGA, will be released 'bit by bit.' Rather than wait the months (six at least) it would take to do my part of the editing then wait for my editor to make his suggestions (corrections? nah, I couldn't need them, eh?), and then make my one last read through before releasing to others, I've decided to take a new approach: release it in thirds.

I've split the book into its natural breaks and have tentatively subtitled them AMNESIA, ABANDONED, and ADOPTIONS. After all three have been released, I will offer the group of novellas under the original title, NAKED IN THE WINTER WIND, as both an e-book and in print format.

I'm a fan of other authors of long sagas, such as Diana Gabaldon, and wish they would do the same thing. Maybe I can set a precedent? All in favor, say 'aye.'

Roses from this year's garden, surrounded by the ever present chickweed.