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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Journey to being Published

Writing the book is the easy part. Research is fun, especially since I'm not getting graded and don't have any deadlines except those that I impose on myself.

The worst thing about writing is searching for an agent who will have faith in you for a promised 15% of the sales. But after spending hours emailing and searching for 'Mr. Right' agent, I've decided I'll try the Amazon publishing 'thing'. I'll keep you all posted on the steps soon as I figure it out! I do know that the book(s) will be inexpensive and issued as a serial.

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  1. It's been three years since this post and I have five books published, not including the sampler 'Kibbles and Bits,' and THE GREAT BIG FAIRY hit #1 in time travel on Amazon two weeks ago.

    Not bad for using not much more than spunk and that order. Don't EVER believe it when someone tells you that 'You can't do that!'

    Many thanks to Amazon and all the tools they supply (free of charge, too) for aspiring authors. Research, learn, and then perform...and always be grateful.