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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Journey to being Published

Writing the book is the easy part. Research is fun, especially since I'm not getting graded and don't have any deadlines except those that I impose on myself.

The worst thing about writing is searching for an agent who will have faith in you for a promised 15% of the sales. But after spending hours emailing and searching for 'Mr. Right' agent, I've decided I'll try the Amazon publishing 'thing'. I'll keep you all posted on the steps soon as I figure it out! I do know that the book(s) will be inexpensive and issued as a serial.

Journey into the unknown

After beating myself up looking for an agent, I was encouraged by friends to try the Amazon self-publishing format...going strictly digital. Well, I'd rather design my own cover but since I have two complete novels ready to roll and a third waiting for me to quick messing around looking for an agent, I guess I'll jump right in.